21 Clifford place #2L

Brooklyn, NY 11222


Composition and flow of parts to make the whole Ideas for my work start when the images leave the confines of their origin. By separating an idea from its surrounding we can investigate the nature of the idea without the preconceptions of its original context. Then working with disassociated images and objects, I push them into relating with one another for a flow and passage through the piece. By asking and presenting views of objects and situations I’m coaxing all involved to a vague narrative that emerges from the interactions in the composition. Like, viewing from one room to another, of a conversation happening in that adjoining room through a mirror you see in the connecting hallway. Filling it with tension and reflection by pushing these limitations opens doors to new ideas, voyages, and optimisms steeped in color and strong mood.


1997 BFA in Printmaking, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO


1997-present Mural Painting and Decorative Finishes, Pollmann Suran Finishes, New York, NY


2017 Menu, Nha Mihn, Brooklyn, NY

2017 The Other Side, Atlas Industries, Newburgh, NY

2016 Paperworks, Upstream Gallery, Hastings on Hudson, NY

2015 Group Show, Nha Mihn, Brooklyn, NY

2014  Awkward Phase, group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

2010,’11,’12 CREST HARDWARE, group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

2010,’11,’12 Swipple, Max Fish group exhibition, NY,NY


My Active Driveway, New York, NY

Kush Archive, Longmont, CO